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tv   News Channel 5 at Noon  ABC  February 1, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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> today cleveland's to -- police department will submit a first year plan to change the culture inside the police department. channel fives matt schaub is looking into the plan. >> massive reforms coming from the cleveland police department. this is nearly 7 months after a federal judge signed off for the department of justice. plans for the first year -- of reforms are scheduled to be
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plan includes a new use of force policy requiring all officers to be trained in it by the end of the year. they called the timeline achievable. >> it has very clear deliverables, the community expected. >> it also requires cbd to upgrade their training for officers, creating new recruitment strategy and a complete overhaul of the citizen complaint process to improve community relations. but these changes won't come cheap. for jackson says it will cost millions of dollars in the coming years. in cleveland, make sean news channel 5. -- meg shaw. the city lyndhurst wants to be able to trap and bolt -- we
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because it's very graphic. deer are shot in cages and then shot. several activists tell us they planned to voice their concerns about the plan. now let's ticking down the plants for mother nature -- check in on the plants by mother nature. >> both days we were short of records but well above average, we should only be in the mid-30s and that's where we may end up settling as we move through the day today. temperatures right near 40 as we get out and about for a monday afternoon. for the record books, january temperatures were about average police are not, temperature-wise . even after that very warm weekend we saw. 40 in jackson township, closer
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way it's going to stay. take a look at this, allowing colder air to move in and behind it notice this action, blizzard warnings in effect for iowa. of course a big day for the iowa caucus, but it looks like for the most part that snow tonight until tomorrow. here is the hour by hour from the forecast -- from the 40s into the 30s. we will talk about what that means. jason just mentioned iowa, let's talk about the final frenzy and political flourish -- push underway there. candidates are in the home stretch with just hours to encourage voters to vote for them tonight. we have the latest on the campaign trail. >> reporter: after some 1500 rallies, and $33 million spent it is decision time in iowa. a new poll out has donald trump
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>> we have to be a little bit nervous. i want to win for the country. >> reporter: but polls are not votes and a third of voters say they are undecided or may still change their mind. that is bad news for cruz who has been sliding in the polls, and with just hours to go is being criticized for sending out this mailer stamped folder violation. many states -- many say it is deceptive. i just say someone going to be caucus site -- but you don't think they are going to the finish line, caucus for me because we are going to win. >> volunteers have been fanning out across the state. 15,000 sanders supporters in iowa -- the clinton campaign says they've knocked on more than $125,000. all of the con -- contact with
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her candidacy. >> the months i have spent here has really made me a better candidate, and i think it will make me a better president. >> we will be watching especially those first-time voters, they may determine whether trump or sanders wins here tonight in iowa. it was here that they handed the victory to the then senator barack obama. >> we will be bringing new coke complete coverage and live reports from iowa as voters head to the polls. download our news app for the complete results. february 1 marks the start of black history month. there will be special events all month long and we will have a complete list of that on our
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students facing charges in the death of a teenager, what we just learned about the suspect's relationship with the victim. and the worst may be over for aaa. mexican food chain may soon be cleared of the e. coli outbreak. slowdown, see what one driver did after seeing a
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a pair of college students faced a judge this morning in connection with the kidnapping girl. david eisenhower is facing first-degree murder charges. police say he kidnapped and killed nicole labell. natalie keepers was also in front of a judge. police said eisenhower knew labell and that he used the relationship to his advantage. >> i didn't think it would happen to her because she was always the cutest little thing. >> police found her body in north carolina, more than 1000 volunteers have been searching for her after she was first reported missing. investigators are expected to release more than 2000 pages of documents into a deadly amco -- amtrak train derail in philadelphia. last me the train was going about 106 mi./h, which was more than twice the speed limit when it entered a sharp curve
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that's when it hurtled off the train tracks. eight people were killed and more than 200 were injured. up next, wipeout -- why a skilled server had no match for this monstrous waves. we will take a look and ride the wave.
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firefighters are battling a massive blaze at an industrial building in los angeles. no word on what sparked it but propane syllables -- cylinders are fueling the flames there. the world health organization is holding a crisis meeting to consider whether the mosquito-born skater virus should be considered a -- mosquito virus should be considered a global health issue. the organization last declared an emergency over the 2014 ebola outbreak. today the cdc is expected to declare that chipotles e. coli outbreak is over. more than 50 people were sickened. a criminal investigation is still
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it -- to pole plans to shut down all its stores next monday for staff meetings on food safety. cbs is -- cbs is expected to make an announcement about a drug that is to -- it was used nearly 13,000 times around ohio last year. a florida woman making headlines after she pulled over a cop -- for speeding. the copper speeding. the woman followed the officer until she got his attention. the officer thought the woman had an emergency until she started asking the questions to the police officer. >> you are leaving me behind and i was going 80 mi./h and i just wanted to know what's the emergency. >> i don't know how fast i was going, but i can tell you i am on the way to work right now.
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>> the video has now the line of duty last night -- last month. after he completes 14 weeks of training he will patrol with
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check this one out, a professional surfer fell about 40' while trying to write a giant green -- wave in the valley. he said he was actually blinded for a few seconds because of the strong sea spray before falling. hawaii has been hit by enormous waves because of this year's el nio. the high waves have sent even the most seasoned surfers at tumbling. >> and you by the way -- you just were in hawaii. >> but i was not writing that wave. >> what did you like the best? >>it's always nice to have the sunshine. >> it was 75 and sunny the entire time you're gone. >> [laughter] i picked the wrong time to leave. >> let -- just kidding we had lake effect snow. >> the good old lake effect is always around isn't it?
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place in all the world. notice were looking at mainly cloudy skies right now with just sunshine earlier but now the clouds have moved in from the west. it's all part of a cool trend for us here. we were in the 50s and even near 60 yesterday and now we are back in the 30s. the good news is we have the rain -- had the rain overnight and we didn't have much cold air to turn it over to snow, so it was all showers. 41 right now, hopkins upper 30s downtown, temperatures in the lower 40s as he moved inland. -- as you move inland. it will be chilly, we had the short son over the weekend like many others, especially saturday with a lot of sunshine. but the shorts away for now,
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next several days. as the colder air spills in -- now on the other side of the system, take a look. cold air big-time. we are on the warm side but blizzard warnings are in effect. this is another storm, again tomorrow we will feel the brunt of this but we will to see rain showers. look at the area in orange, this includes much of northwestern iowa. that goes into effect tonight through tomorrow night, and it's interesting with the caucus , they all meet tonight so this will be an interesting thing but folks maybe want to get in ahead of the storm. it could affect voter turnout for the big thing in iowa. we will be in the low 40s eventually it is the 30s, clouds missing with son -- mixing with sunshine. january is over and it was snowless for the most part of the temperatures were average. tonight we fall into the 30s, tomorrow -- a pretty good start to the day.
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evening hours as we start to track rain. this is 830 tomorrow night -- 8:30 tomorrow night. the showers as we head out -- and behind it cooler air but for the most part by the time the cold air gets here again, most of the moisture will be gone. not forecasting a lot of snow with this, maybe just a little wintry mix on monday morning -- much colder, 240 today cloudy and cold, 7-day forecast a lot going on. take a look, 50s tomorrow -- well upper 40s. mid-40s, wednesday falling temps, a little light snow. friday colder as we head into
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well, some browns fans are declaring february johnny free, pledging not to talk about the controversial quarterback for the entire month, or until johnny manziel is kicked off the team. this comes after taxes police were called to investigate an obligation -- altercation between manziel -- and his girlfriend over the weekend. we will see what we will see. do you want to do commentary on that one? >> not at all. i am going to go ahead with the idea of the folks at home and
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>> take care, everybody. hi, i am sarah carnes. the annual home and garden show runs in february. we have people here to tell us about the show. thanks so much for being here. spring is in the air, every time i am of the home and garden show so tell me what we can expect. >> in addition to 600+ exhibitors on the show floor, we have three stick built homes, behind -- high-tech entertainment home -- and an
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weaver barns. we also have a big stage and it will be highlighting a kitchen stage as well is a vignette. >> okay and on that, i am going to bet there will be celebrities as well. i will be looking forward to seeing who is going to be there. who can we expect this year? >> we have local and national celebrities, but our national celebrities are two checks and a half are -- and a hammer -- revitalizing one house at a time. we also have the beekman boys from the cooking channel and we have jason cameron from landscapes man caves inside sledgehammer. >> karo, tell me a little bit more about the garden showcase. >> our theme this year was celebration at an -- and we also -- we actually took mardi gras.
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back there with about 212 tons of sand that nobody knows about. because it's hidden. we are going to our first place for our fifth year in a row right now. >> great, we can't wait to see everything you have to offer. for more information log onto the great bay, and garden or you can call 440-
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